Home Renovation

Many people want to upgrade, change or extend their current homes.

Home renovation is a perfect time to install the wiring for a home network.

With people's lives becoming more and more dependent on the internet, remaining connected wherever you are in your home is becoming increasingly important. Additionally, more physical devices need network/internet access, so futureproofing your home is vital. There have been many reports in the media, regarding the "Internet of Things" (or IoT for short). Essentially the IoT can mean things like the smart fridge, which tells you what is left inside. Or a smart cupboard which can track tins of food going in and out.

To demonstrate the point, think about the number of internet-dependent devices that are (currently) just in the traditional "telly corner" of the average home:

1.       Smart TV

2.       Blu-Ray Player

3.       Satellite Box (such as SKY)

4.       DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

5.       Games Console (PlayStation or Xbox)

6.       DLNA Storage (such as a Netgear or QNAP Storage Array)

Most homes will have at least 3 of the above devices, if not more, and that's just ONE corner of ONE room!

Then add on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC's, Mac's, printers, security camera's etc. that live in the rest of the house and you end up with quite a big list. Two children, for example, might mean 2x iPads, 2x iPhones and 2x laptops or PC's - 6x devices all connected to the internet.

Having a home network that can cope requires careful design.

Lintronics Limited can advise you in all stages of the process, including:

1.       Planning

2.       Hardware Purchase

3.       Implementation

4.       Configuration

A properly implemented home network can avoid buffering issues on streaming video (for example, Amazon), poor gaming performance or Wi-Fi "dead spots".

Please note that Lintronics Ltd are not responsible for the performance of third party companies, such as broadband providers.