About Us

Lintronics Limited (formerly Lintronics Systems) was incorporated in January 2003. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality support and consultancy services to home users and small to medium sized businesses. Our coverage is focussed on the SE England/SW London area, with an office in Hampton, London.

Lintronics Limited encompasses a large part of the computer industry including; PC Systems, Business Networks, Workstations, Servers, Hardware, Software and Support. We have expert knowledge of most installed network and operating system software providing our customers with the on-site support they deserve.

Our engineers are CRB (Enhanced) checked, and approved for working in environments with children and vulnerable adults (e.g. schools etc).

With over 20 years experience in the computer industry, we have a friendly and efficient approach to our customers and are happy to deal with the smallest of home installs to the largest of office networks.